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Read below to find out what patients are saying about their Direct Primary Care providers.

Esther R.

"I could not be more pleased with the care I receive. Dr. Sacks is thorough and takes the time needed. I contacted her office from Australia last year after an injury to my back. I was seen less than 24 hours after my return. I also appreciate the fact that I can ask her question via e-mail so that I don't have to go in."

Dustin J.

"Qliance puts the money they would spend on insurance administrative costs, and put it back into where it should be - quality patient care. They believe (AND PRACTICE) the philosophy that the patient knows their body the best, and the doctors actually listen to the patient and provide feedback and suggestions. Because appointments are 30 minutes to 1 hour long (or longer if needed) the doctors at Qliance can focus on patient education and pay attention to the whole-patient, aiming to solve the problem, not just the immediate symptoms."

Arin G.

"I have health insurance that barely covers anything and had been so frustrated with my previous doctor. I always felt rushed and like my questions were not answered. So I added Qliance in addition to my health insurance and I love it. I never feel rushed. They make sure that I feel like they have answered all of my concerns. I can email them for non-urgent issues. I've had no problems making appointments for the next day if I need it."

Mary C.


"I don’t feel pressured to take a bunch of tests.  I don’t sit in a waiting room for hours.  I don’t feel rushed, dismissed, patronized, unimportant or exploited.  I am still getting used to not having to fight for an appointment, a prescription or to feel visible in some facility.  As soon as I walk in, I feel like a respected customer with choice and dignity. And that makes me feel like my health is important and encourages me to take the best care of myself I can."

James R.


"Having good quality, proactive, accessible health care should be everyone’s right.  Sadly, it is rare and I feel fortunate.  Thank you!”

Chad R.


“The time the staff takes to get to know the patient as a person helps make make the medical conversation meld with who I am, and that I am not some faceless illness looking for a robot response.”

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