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© 2014-2019  Direct Primary Care Coalition.


The Direct Primary Care Coalition (DPCC) represents primary care physicians, healthcare associations, employers, and others who support the advancement of state, federal, and private sector policies that bring patients and physicians together to help promote better primary care.  Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership-based alternative payment model for in which patients, employers, or health plans pay primary care providers in flat, simple periodic fees directly for unlimited access to primary care and prevention services in a medical home environment.   Today, about 1,000 DPC practices in 48 states provide peerless access to great primary care to over 300,000 American patients.  The DPC model is offered directly to individual patients and families, through employers, who often self-insure for their employee health benefits, through union plans, and working in conjunction with Medicare Advantage (MA). The DPCC believes that Americans of all ages and incomes should have access to high functioning, affordable, comprehensive, accessible, personal primary care. We think a pivotal part of the effort to promote choice and competition is to place a greater emphasis on primary care and preventive services by putting patients back in control of their care with assistance of a trusted personal primary care physician who knows the patient, and therefore can be that patient’s guide through the often complicated and expensive healthcare system.