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Better Primary Care Is Here Today  

Join The Direct Primary Care Coalition!

Support our efforts to bring better primary care to all Americans.

Thanks for your interest in the Direct Primary Care Coalition.  DPC can help fix the health care by system simply, by

allowing patients and doctors to join together to decide what really works.  By joining the DPC Coalition you become

a part of the solution by helping the coalition move the DPC policy agenda and bringing better access to quality care

to all Americans.  Physicians, we would be thrilled if you could help us both with your time and your energy. We're asking DPC practices to contribute the average monthly DPC fees for just one patient - a recommended  $50 per month - to help us sustain the policy momentum we have moving forward. You can give more or less, whatever fits your budget, but we hope that you will consider both a donation and some participation in our joint political work.  Organizations, Supporters and patients can join too.  Exciting things are happening but we are far from done with our work. We need your help to pave the way for a meaningful expansion of DPC around the nation.  The Coalition must continue to push hard for key DPC policy priorities, like:

  • Fixing the IRS definition of DPC for Health Savings Accounts to make monthly fees for primary care a tax deductible medical expense.   

  • Replacing the broken Medicare fee-for-service payment formula to include Medicare payments to DPC practices as a favored innovation model. 

  • Working with states to ensure that insurance regulations don't improperly define DPC as a "health plan" so that this movement can reach every state without political barriers.


The central tenets of this movement are based on a culture of service, patient empowerment, trusting relationships supported by unrushed care, rejection of FFS insurance incentives, excellence of medical care and promotion of health.  There are now dozens if not hundreds of different business models and there is support from the entire political spectrum.  I thank you for stepping up.  Together we can make DPC be the highest performing and most successful version of primary care anywhere in the world within a few short years. To a better future and a true community of primary care...


Garrison Bliss, MD



A message from DPCC Chairman, Garrison Bliss, MD

DPCC Membership Categories

We highly suggest that you use your bank information in order to avoid high fees.

Should you need to edit your membership amount please contact us at



Physician, Clinic, Supporter  - Sustaining Membership                $50/month

       * please email to include dpc practice

           information on the member locations page

Patient Supporter  - Sustaining Membership


Steering Committee Membership (by invitation only)                  Contact us for more info!



To discuss Steering Committee membership, please also contact us at 202-624-1450


If you want to make a one time donation please send a check to 


Direct Primary Care Coalition

400 N. Capitol St. NW

Suite 585

Washington, D.C 20001

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