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Better Primary Care Is Here Today  

Join The Direct Primary Care Coalition!

Support our efforts to bring better primary care to all Americans.

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Direct Primary Care is a model spreading rapidly across the country, restoring physician autonomy, improving patient care,

and decreasing healthcare costs. As a resident or student interested in DPC, you are ahead of the curve and get to

experience the early days of a movement which is revolutionizing primary care. But why just watch when you can be a part

of the movement. The DPC Coalition introduces and supports DPC friendly policy agenda at the state and federal levels to bring better access to quality care.

By joining, you can take part in the advocacy efforts to spread DPC across the country. Legislators love to see residents and students fighting for their future and are more inclined to listen when you are present. Join the coalition today and be a part of the movement which will shape your future and the future of American healthcare. 


Kenneth Qiu, MD



A message from DPCC Resident, Kenneth Qiu, MD

Membership is free for residents and students.


Should you need to edit your membership, please contact us at

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